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Country guidance : public-private partnerships for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

Delivery of public infrastructure and services is an important way through which developing countries in Asia and the Pacific can work toward achieving their Sustainable Development Goals.


Most of countries in the region, in line with similar global trends, are striving to involve the private sector in the provision of needed infrastructure and services. In this context, public-private partnerships (PPPs) have become a dominant model.


This country guidance is intended to provide inspiration and practical actions for countries wishing to maximize the contribution that their PPP programmes and projects make in meeting the SDGs. The guidance is intended for use by leaders, managers, practitioners and experts from the public and private sectors, and wider civil society.


The guidance is not stage specific, meaning that it can be used at any point for reviewing the SDG relevance of existing PPP programmes and projects, as well as during the design of new programmes and projects.