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Other PPP Resources

The following links provide additional resources on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs):

E-Learning Series on Public-Private Partnerships

PPP online training materials have been developed over the years by the ESCAP Secretariat. Consisting of six modules that cover major areas related to PPPs, the E-learning series offers essential knowledge for government officials considering PPPs.

The E-learning series can be accessed free of charge on the ESCAP website and also includes the possibility of obtaining a PPP certificate

PPP Case Studies

To promote exchange of experience among the countries of the region, the ESCAP secretariat has developed a series of case studies. These cases cover several in frastructure sectors  and draw lessons from real projects. As such, they contribute to support governments in Asia-Pacific in effectively involving the private sector ininfrastructure development. The series can be accessed on the following link.

PPP-Readiness Self-Assessment   

The ESCAP secretariat has also developed a diagnostic tool that can help governments to identify the key issues they need to address in order to facilitate private sector investment in public infrastructure and services. The tool is accessible here.



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