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First Meeting of the Public-Private Partnership and Infrastructure Financing Network of Asia and the Pacific

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The mobilization of private resources through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) is crucial in helping governments overcome resource constraints and improve delivery. This importance was recognized by the Committee on Macroeconomic Policy, Poverty Reduction and Financing for Development, which requested the ESCAP secretariat to consider developing a network on PPPs and infrastructure financing to provide a regular platform on which experts can exchange best practices, share their experiences and knowledge products, and provide capacity-building support.To realize this, it is vital for Member States to undertake research, analysis and consensus-building initiatives to enhance the regional knowledge of infrastructure financing and PPPs. In this regard, ESCAP, in conjunction with the China Public Private Partnerships Center, will be organizing the first meeting of the Public-Private Partnership Network of Asia and the Pacific in the city of Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China, from 12-13 September 2018. During this event, experts, country representatives, and international development partners will discuss strategies to enhance knowledge and capacity of PPP units undertaking infrastructure investment in the region. This is in line with ESCAP’s goals of improving the efficiency of PPP and infrastructure financing mechanisms to effectively finance infrastructure investment for sustainable development.