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Fourth Meeting of the Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnership Network of Asia and the Pacific

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Building on the successful launch of the Infrastructure Financing Network of Asia and the Pacific in Guiyang, China in 2018, the subsequent second and third meetings of the Network were respectively held in Manila, Philippines, on 7 to 9 August 2019 and in Ningbo, China, on 2 to 3 September 2019 in partnership with the PPP centres of Philippines and China. The previous meetings have effectively boosted knowledge and capacity of PPP units on the use of PPP mechanisms, as well as other infrastructure financing strategies to support member States’ pursuit of sustainable infrastructure development.In this regard, ESCAP is co-organizing the "Fourth Meeting of the Infrastructure Financing and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Network of Asia and the Pacific" held virtually on 15 October 2020 with the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Center (KPPPC) under the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan. The event is supported by the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) and the China Public Private Partnerships Center (CPPPC) under the Ministry of Finance. The meeting is held in conjunction with the Second PPP Investment Forum of Kazakhstan organized by KPPPC and supported by the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.To address the socio-economic impact posed by COVID-19 in the region, ESCAP is committed to accelerating the application of PPP to assist member States in alleviating public fiscal constraint and boost social and economic infrastructure resilience. The Fourth Meeting allows for the promotion of peer learning opportunities, private sector collaborations, a standardized information platform, as well as capacity building on PPPs to address key challenges and implement concrete solutions to financing quality infrastructure that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. To this end, ESCAP will introduce the InfraPPPnet web portal of the Network, which aims to enhance the network members’ capacities through the provision of information on good practices and frameworks, project pipelines, and market environment in the region on infrastructure financing and PPPs.